Rollei Unveils Power Flex 3D Camera

Even the more established camera manufacturers see the future of 3D photography as 90-year-old Germany-based Rollei comes up with its new Power Flex 3D point-and-shoot camera and the Designline 3D photo frame. At first glance, the Power Flex 3D looks like the back of any camera-wielding smartphone, except for that second lens. Specs include 720p video recording, 5 megapixel still images, and a 2.8-inch LCD at the back, giving you glasses-less 3D previewing.

The photo frame, meanwhile, also provides 3D viewing without the glasses. Only this time, the images come out on a large 7-inch screen.

The two devices are expected to be available in Europe next month for 300 euros (about US$400) each.

Source: Rollei, via Engadget

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