Robovie MR2: A Robot Controlled by iPod Touch

The Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR) in Japan has unveiled its robotic creation that can be controlled using an iPod Touch (either by WiFi or touching the screen).  The robovie mR2 stands 30 centimeters and weighs about 2 kilograms.  According to ATR, this cutesy-sounding robot (who is a “he,” by the way) can “use information gathered with the iPod by means of gestures.”

This humanoid creation also has a CCD 3.4-megapixel camera, two microphones, a mono speaker, 18 joints (three in each eye), and 18 servo motors.  It can also be controlled via Bluetooth, just in case you find iPod Touch too expensive.

Don’t tell me how it is supposed to be used.  Just ogle by the way it talks as you can see here .

Source:  CrunchGear

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