Robo Coding Saga

The toys that kids now have may not be like those toys of yesteryears. They have become more advanced, more interactive, and even more intelligent. The educational toy segment of the market also has benefited from new tech as toys like the Robo Coding Saga are slowly getting into mainstream.

The new Robo Coding Saga is a robotic kit that helps introduce the wonderful world of coding to kids. Combined with Lego blocks, kids can learn and understand how the technology and programming can work together to create robots. The basic robotic set comes with a total of 6 different programmable Robo Blocks.

There are also 12 building block components that work with the programmable blocks to perform a certain function. There is a programmable component that provides the brains while another may provide motors for movement as well as different connectors and sensors to help put the components together.

The Robo Coding Saga kit introduces kids to programming and how it can make their robotic creations come to life. The kit works with the Robo app that helps instruct kids the basics of coding with an easy to use interface. From that, kids can learn how to make their robots act the way they want.

There are a number of building projects kids can try out in order to better understand coding. They can also try to build their own personal projects using the different components of the robotic kit using their own creativity and imagination.

The Robo Coding Saga aims to teach kids about coding at an early age. Ideal for kids from 5-years old and above, the kit is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. It will cost around $279 for the basic kit. It is expected to be available by May of next year.
Image Source: Kickstarter

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