RM Tracking Ghost Rider GPS Tracker

There are times when you may need to keep track of people and where they may be located at any point in time. This can be quite useful for those who usually venture out in harsh environments for some adventure. In order to ensure relocation for people who might get lost, a GPS tracker like the Rocky Mountain Tracking Ghost Rider GPS Tracker.

The Ghost Rider GPS Tracker from RM Tracking is considered as one of the world’s smallest personal GPS trackers. It provides real time tracking that can be set at intervals to as close to every ten seconds. It provides accurate location information even in the most challenging of environments. It can stay on for as long as five days between charges, depending on the tracking interval settings on the device. The Ghost Rider GPS Tracker is available for US$475 at Rocky Mountain Tracking, excluding the monthly service plan needed for making the detailed location reports. Plans start at US$16.95 monthly for 500 locates and at US$79.95 monthly for unlimited locates.

Image Source: Rocky Mountain Tracking

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