Rinse and Chop Plus Folding Cutting Board

It pays to have many convenient tools and gizmos in the kitchen that really work. There are some that may not be as good as advertised. There are also others that seem to just too good to be true. But every now and then, there are other kitchen tools that work exactly as they were described to work. It is these types of kitchen gadgets that you should be looking out for, gadgets like the Rinse and Chop Plus.

The Rinse and Chop Plus from Joseph Joseph is a unique take on a common kitchen utensil, the cutting board. It is actually the latest version of the company’s very popular folding cutting board. The Rinse and Chop Plus, when made flat, becomes a knife-friendly chopping and cutting board. But this cutting board can also be folded when not in use. Its folding end also comes with a lock that can also transform the cutting board into an innovative colander at one end with perforated holes in them. After chopping the vegetables on the Rinse and Chop Plus, users can fold up the cutting board into colander mode to prepare the vegetables for washing.

Users can then place the open end of the cutting board under a faucet with running water to wash the freshly cut vegetables. The perforated holes on the other end drains out the water to keep the vegetables from getting soaked in the process. It also becomes a convenient tool in that users no longer have to transfer the foodstuff that they have just chopped and sliced into a colander for washing. They only need to fold the Rinse and Chop Plus in order to do that. This handy and convenient kitchen tool is available at Joseph Joseph for 15 UK Pounds or around US$23.

Image Source: Joseph Joseph

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