RIM Lamp

Lamps in the home are no longer just functional sources of light. They also provide a lot of aesthetic value. That is why how lamps look matters a lot when people would want to have them around in the home. That’s why there are intriguing ones like the RIM Lamp that can easily capture anyone’s attention.

The RIM Lamp is a unique lampshade that utilizes simple lines and form and yet offer arresting looks if seen at the home. This unique lamp is designed by Paris-based Japanese designer Jun Yasumoto and features a circular lampshade with a translucent fabric seemingly attached to a base. But behind it is the bulb fixture that provides the light source. The shade then bounces the light instead of shining it over a targeted spot in order to produce some soft ambient lighting in the home. The shade rotates around the bulb, making it able to soften and modulate the light according to one’s preferences. The RIM Light was exhibited lately at the Paris Design Week.

Image Source:  Jun Yasumoto

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