RIM Blackberry Storm

blackberry storm

For those people who have loved Blackberry so much, there’s a new gizmo in town. It is called the RIM Blackberry Storm. This device has a 3.2 megapixel camera. It has a variable zoom as well as an auto focus. One cool feature about this one is that it has a powerful flash. Additionally, it has a voice recording feature that produces a half-VGA resolution of about 480 x 320 pixels.

It has a 1 gigabyte worth of memory and an 8 gigabyte microSD card slot with an even expandable memory. Regarding its navigation specs, it has a Virtual Sure Type keyboard. It is arranged on a portrait form wile the QWERTY keyboard is arranged in landscape form. Moreover, it has an easy to use menu that can support multi-touches, taps, slides or swipes and other gestures. There are even navigation features for easy select, scroll, pan, and zoom.

It uses a Blackberry Internet Service, Blackberry Unite!, Blackberry Professional Software and a Blackberry Enterprise Server support. As for its other specifications, it has a media player, light sensor, MS Office Editor, instant messaging, as well as support for other social networking sites. It uses a 1400 mAhr battery which allows it 5.5 hours of talk time and 15 days when on standby mode. You can get the RIM Blackberry Storm at about $199.99 to $599.99.

Image source: www.computershopper.com

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