RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8120

RIM blackberry pearl 8120

The latest BlackBerry handset of Research in Motion is the RIM BlackBerry Peal 8120. RIM once again sets a new standard for delivering great multimedia documents and electronic mails in cellular phones. This is the first Peal edition of BlackBerry with Wi-Fi support with fast email and website surfing access. It weighs 3.2 ounces with the length of 4.2 inches, less than 2 inches wide and more or less half an inch thick.

The pricing for 8120 for AT&T customers with a two-year contract is only for $200 and $350 for the ones that are unlocked. The price is just right for something great–the phone is not only classy with its sleek black look but also because of its fantastic features, making it worth the price.

The battery life can last for 9 long hours. It has a 240 x 260 very clear display making the contents very much readable. The phone has a volume control and two megapixel still and video camera button on the right side while there is a USB connection, charging port and push-to-talk rubbery button on its left side.

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