Riff Rocker USB Guitar

Riff Rocker USB guitar

You know Rock and Roll is in your blood and going against your destiny can only result in bad things. But you can’t have your guitar with you always when you’re comatose bored and itching to flee away from your cursed spreadsheet in the office. If you’re a rock star disguised in a business suit then you’ll surely love the Riff Rocker USB Guitar.

All you have to do is plug this tiny rocker into your Mac or PC. Once plugged in, download free games from Riff Rocker’s website and unleash the rock star in you. You can fit this fun USB gadget in your pocket. It measures 14 cm x 5 cm. It sports mini colored buttons similar to the ones on a regular sized guitar hero controller. These buttons on the fret board correspond with the moving colors on your computer screen.

This baby will give you an experience reserved to a true rock star. Depending on your success you’ll be applauded or booed accordingly by ‘the crowd’. The game has three difficulty levels: medium, hard and advanced. So whip out the Riff Rocker USB Guitar and transform your day-to-day grind with this amazing guitar game. Visit www.iwantoneofthose.com and get one now for only £19.99 or approximately $28.

Image Source: Iwoot

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