Rideye: Black Box for bicycles

Rideye black box camera for bicycles

Rideye black box camera for bicycles

Airplanes have black boxes, cars have dash cams, what about bicycles? Bike riders are also prone to accidents and they also need to document data on what happened prior to the nasty crash. Mechanical engineer and frequent bike rider Cedric Bosch has come up with an Rideye action camera for bicycles, which he hopes would be fully funded in Kickstarter.

Bosch was inspired to develop Rideye when his best friend was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident last year while riding a bike. The video footage the camera captures not only identifies drivers who speed away after hitting a biker, but also prevents false claims.

Rideye camera for bicycles

Rideye features a one-touch power button and a 24-hour battery life. It installs easily on the handlebars. If the camera is turned off at the moment of an accident, its crash-detecting sensors will automatically start recording. The device will also automatically delete the oldest footage if its 4GB internal memory (equivalent to 1.25 hours of video) becomes full. But why wait for Rideye to delete valuable archive footage when you can save them to a computer via USB?

As of this posting, Rideye has been able to gather $29,000 worth of pledges, close to its $32,000 full funding goal, with 29 days to spare. Bosch, however, is crafting stretch goals as he plans on aiming to reach $100,000.

Kickstarter backers can pledge for as low as $115 for a unit of Rideye, which is $30 off its suggested retail price, with expected shipment starting November 2013.

Source: Mashable

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