Ricoh PX Waterproof Digital Camera

Digital cameras today are no longer considered as sensitive devices. There are now digital cameras that are being built with some level of toughness and durability added in. in the case of the new Ricoh PX Series of compact digital cameras, they are made to withstand water and dust.

The new Ricoh PX compact digital camera is designed with an impact-proof body that is also water proof and dust proof. It also comes with a 16MP CCD sensor and 28-140mm lens with 5x optical zoom. It comes with a 40MB internal memory with support doe SDHC flash cards for added storage. It can also record video in 720p mode. The new Ricoh PX Waterproof Digital Camera is expected to hit the Japanese market by the end of June and later on, the rest of the world. No pricing information has yet been provided.

Image Source: Ricoh

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