Ricoh GXR Digital Camera System

Ricoh GXR changeable digital camera

Although a prominent name in the camera industry, it is only recent that Ricoh has decided to take the digital road as they unveil the GXR interchangeable camera system.  Ricoh boasts off their GXR as "the world’s smallest and lightest digital camera with the ability to change lenses."  Using a slide-in mount system, you can easily switch from one lens to another. 

The unique thing about the Ricoh GXR camera system is that the lens units also contain the appropriately-match image sensors and image processing engines.  This prevents dust from ruining your image sensor, which is usually placed inside the body of other digital cameras.  It also provides an optimum tailored setting for both optics and electronics as you switch in between lenses.

The GXR features a highly-rigid magnesium alloy body with a corrosion-resistant coating that is ideal for both casual and rugged use.  It also contains a wide array of functions and modes that enhance your photographs as you click.  The Ricoh GXR also provides options for hardware expansions such as adding an external flash or external viewfinder.

The Ricoh GXR is available through different resellers for as low as US$549.

Image source:  Ricoh

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