Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera

It is quite common for new models of digital cameras to come out every year. It just seems to get better and better features, making those of last year seem pale in comparison. Although meant in the extreme sense, it does sometimes feel that way. But for a company like Ricoh, coming up with new models on a regular basis isn’t their cup of tea. When they do come out with one, it is with something that users would really look forward to. So when it introduced the new Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera recently, people noticed.

The features of the new Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera are something that a lot of avid photographers may want in a point and shoot digital camera. The CX Technology that is uses aims to capture not just high quality images but also in its purest form as seen by the naked eye. That feature alone makes it special.

Armed with a 10 MP CMOS sensor and 10.7x optical zoom lens, images are captured in more detail as the camera also makes use of super resolution technology to discern outlines and image details with more clarity especially in zoom mode. Several automatic settings also makes it more convenient for ordinary people to use but with quality that may rank among some of the DLSR’s around. The Ricoh CX5 Digital Camera is expected to arrive in the market by February and is expected to cost around the US$500 range.

Image Source: Ricoh

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