Ricco VX Heart Shaped Docking Station For iPod and iPhone

The month of love is here and Valentine’s Day is a few days away. It’s time to give that someone special something to remember the special day by. If it is some tech gadget you are planning to give out, you might consider giving something that may be associated with love and all that jazz.

Probably a fitting Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend would be this wonderful Ricco VX heart shaped docking station for her iPod or iPhone. Its unique heart shape can always remind her that it was given on that special day of love. This docking station is also equipped with a pair of 3-watt portable speakers on each side and with its own amplifier. It can be used to play those romantic songs contained on your girlfriend’s iPod or iPhone while charging it at home. This Ricco VX heart shaped docking station may just be the Valentine’s gift that you need. It is available at Amazon for 25 UK pounds.

Image Source: Ricco Digital

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