ReZAP Battery Doctor Recharges Even Standard Batteries

People nowadays have become quite accustomed to using rechargeable batteries to power up their many portable devices. It also has become a more economical way of using power since rechargeable batteries can be reused and recharged many times over again and again. But for those who still use standard batteries, there is the ReZAP Battery Doctor that can be sued to recharge them.

Amazingly, the ReZAP Battery Doctor can be used to recharge standard alkaline batteries using its AlkalineMax Technology. This technology allows the use of a smart recharger that can effectively manage charging parameters dynamically. The ReZAP Battery Doctor can also distinguish from different battery types and their different characteristics to provide optimum charging.

This handy battery charger can accommodate almost all the common battery sizes and types. It has safety features that helps prevent overcharging and overheating of your batteries. The ReZAP Battery Doctor is available at ReZAP for AU$80. According to a press release, a similar version may be made available by May through PC Treasures and may cost at around US$60.

Image Source: ReZAP

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