ReWalk Exoskeleton Available in January

Some say that exoskeletons will be the future of paraplegic care, as it aims to replace expensive wheelchairs with even more expensive pair of robotic legs. One such manufacturer, Argo Medical Technologies, has announced that its ReWalk exoskeleton will be available for purchase to rehab centers beginning January 2011.

The gadget weighs seven pounds and features two leg braces with motorized joints, motion sensors, harness, and a backpack that holds the computer that controls the device. Battery life is expected to last for up to 3.5 hours. Apart from the promise of enabling paraplegics to walk on their own two feet, the company claims that it can be used to treat health complications of those who cannot walk on their own, such as digestive, cardiovascular, and circulatory issues.

A pair of ReWalk costs about US$100,000. Shall we bid farewell to that trip to Tahiti?

Source: Daily Tech, via Engadget

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