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The bike of the future may possibly be on hand. Well, as for now, maybe in concept. But here is something that might just revolutionize the way that you look at a ordinary bike. Call it cool, call it overboard, but it would be nice just to see something different in an area that innovation do not usually flourish.

Thanks to Reindy Allendra’s unique look at an ordinary human powered transport, people will now think more highly of the lowly bicycle from now on. It is not saying that bikes were once thought of as lowly implements in the past. But when compared to the advances and developments that today’s cars and even motorcycles go though, it can be said that the bicycle may have felt left out in some way.

Reindy Allendra’s is a new concept of ordinary an bike. A certain design makeover won’t harm the bike’s appeal to a larger and more forward-thinking generation. And because lifestyles also change along with advancing age, it won’t hurt adding a little bit of something to this revolutionary bike. How about integrating music listening to one?

With Allendra’s bike concept, not only is the looks drastically changed, some functions are also added to give riders something to be interested in. This bike has its own docking station where a valuable everyday gadget such as a portable iPod can suitably fit in. In between the bike’s handlebars, the iPod has its place where it can also be powered by the continuous movement of the wheel as the biker travels along a long bike road. Now who wouldn’t want a future looking bike like that?

Image Source: Reindy Allendra’s Design Portfolio

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