Revolar Instinct, Your Portable  Safety Communicator

personal safety device

personal safety devicePersonal safety should always be an important concern. There are risks and dangers all around that may undermine one’s safety. But there are also certain gadgets that will help ensure that you and your loved ones have that peace of mind by letting each other know if you are safe. A phone call or a text message can do a lot to calm down some concerns. But if you are looking for some added convenience , the Revolar Instinct portable safety communicator may be something you need.

The Revolar Instinct is a personal safety device that will allow users to get in touch with people they trust in a very discreet manner. The device can communicate directly to chosen recipients with a press of a button. This surely beats having to take out a mobile phone, dial a number and make a call just to let people know that you are safe.

The Revolar Instinct connects to a smartphone using Bluetooth low energy so as not to affect the battery life of the phone. What it does is to send out alerts to friends and loved ones in a quick manner when needed. Users can do provide different levels of alerts as well. At a single press of a button, users can alert loved ones that they are safely home. Two presses on the button will alert contacts immediately to indicate that the users is sensing some type of danger. Three button presses will send out the user’s GPS location and alerts to send emergency responders immediately to the location.

The Revolar Instinct works with the Revolar app to provide users with a way to contact or alert friends or loved one when it is needed. It has also other features such as step tracking to count the number of steps made for health and fitness. Users can also use it to discreetly ring the phone in cases where people need to get out of a compromising situation. The Revolar Instinct is a must-have for women and even men who requires a way to contact loved ones during emergencies. The Revolar Instinct is undergoing a crowdfunding campaignat Indiegogo where supporters can get the device for $59. It is expected to retail at around $80 once it is available in May of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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