RevoBot Smart Body Gravity Board

RevoBotPersonal mobility has become even more important than ever for many people. The choice to travel conveniently in short distances becomes more attractive with the introduction of many interesting personal mobility gadgets in the market. From motorized skateboards to self-balancing unicycles, people now have interesting choices if they ever want to have a portable means of personal transport. The RevoBot Smart Body Gravity Board is also one of those choices.

The RevoBot Smart Body Gravity Board is an interesting and unique type of personal transport. It is designed similar to a skateboard but with a different approach to moving around. Instead of going sideways, riders on the RevoBot Smart Body Gravity Board move by leaning slightly forward or backward while standing on the board. Turning is just a matter of pointing either the right or the left foot slightly downward. People can go around at a leisurely pace of 7mph while riding on the RevoBot. It is ideal for use when going around in short distances and within the 12 mile range of the device on a full charge.

The RevoBot Smart Body Gravity Board also offers Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to connect their smartphones and play music using the board’s built-in speakers. LED lights provide safety lighting in both dark and low light environments.

Weighing just 10 kilograms, the RevoBot is sturdy enough to carry someone weighing up to 230 lbs. It is also portable and compact enough to easily store inside a car trunk. The RevoBot Smart Body Gravity Board is currently on a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo where people can pledge $665 in order to get one. It is still cheaper than the expected $1000 retail price the RevoBot may cost once it becomes available in the market sometime this September.
Image Source: Indiegogo

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