Revo Axis Radio iPod Dock

Although radio listeners may have diminished a bit since its heyday, it can’t be denied that there are still a sizable number of avid fans of the radio that still consider it a daily staple. That is why there are still many devices being made that carry the radio as one of its main features. But the recent devices like the Revo Axis are given added functions and features to make them more attractive.

The Revo Axis is not merely a portable radio. It also functions as an iPod dock for accommodating that popular portable media device. It is not your ordinary radio in that it is capable of receiving a number of digital radio signals including DAB, DAB+ and Internet radio along with conventional FM signals. It also can accommodate your iPod and iPhone as a suitable docking station to stream audio as well as get access to online music services.

The Revo Axis features a 3.5″ color TFT display where features can be accessed and controlled. Using NXT’s Balanced Radiator loudspeaker technology, the Revo Axis is able to provide excellent audio clarity and bass response despite its small size, thanks also to its 8W class D amplifier. The Revo Axis Radio and iPod Dock is available at Revo for 200 UK Pounds or around US$321.

Image Source: Revo

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