Cocoon Innovations Gramercy iPad Bag

I am absolutely crazy about the new iPad and so are a lot of my friends, but I noticed that if I didn’t find something to help protect it, then it would soon be destroyed by scratches a maybe a busted face!

So I went online to find a case or bag that would fit my needs not only to protect my iPad, but also to carry other important items that go along with my lifestyle. I came to the conclusion that the Cocoon Gramercy  iPad bag is exactly what I am looking for.

Cocoon Innovations is best known for their Grid-It system of gear control. The Grid-It is a sheet of oddly intertwined straps covered in sticky elastic fabric that will accept chargers and other odd things and allows you to carry your important items without them jostling in your bag. It is, in short, ingenious.

I do however have to point out that this is a bag that maybe a woman would feel more comfortable with. The bag is not feminine by any means but I don’t think a lot of guys want a man-purse and this would definitely give that impression.
Dawn Donohoo

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