ReVault, The World’s First Wearable Private Cloud

ReVaultPeople nowadays rely on information wherever they go. The information they need is usually stored in various devices and online sources. Having this information on the go is continuously becoming more in demand. But how do you solve this need for increased need of storage for information access on demand? Well, there are many solutions now available, both the usual and the unique. This ReVault device may provide a unique solution for personal and private cloud storage.

The ReVault, according to its developer is the world’s first wearable private cloud. This device acts to provide information storage that synchronizes and is accessible through several of your personal portable devices. Consider it as having the convenience and versatility of a cloud storage system and the stability and safety of a private storage device. The ReVault is a storage device that can connect to your various devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. You can set up ReVault to auto-backup or auto-synchronize your files across your different devices. This way, you can access them all from a single source and that is from your ReVault.

What makes ReVault more convenient is that it is small enough for people to wear as a watch or even as a pendant of a necklace. It also ensures that your files are safe and secure, thanks to the device using AES-256 encryption. With the ReVault, you also never have to deal with your portable gadgets ever running out of storage space. You can always offload most of your files to ReVault to free up space on your smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. The ReVault comes in 32GB and 128GB versions. It is currently conducting a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo. A pledge of $169 will get you a 32GB ReVault including a wrist strap and a chain converter. A $269 pledge gets you the 128GB version of ReVault. The first batch is expected to be available by January of next year.

Source: Indiegogo

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