RetroN3 Video Gaming System

There are many avid ans sentimental gamers who never seem to get tired playing even those Sega and Super Nintendo games of their youth. There are even younger gamers who seem to like playing those video games from the classic gaming systems that are unfortunately unavailable nowadays. Its a good thing that there are gadgets like the RetroN3 Video Gaming System that tries to keep the love for such games alive.

The RetroN3 Video Gaming System allows users to go back in time and play those old, classic games. It allows gamers to still use those old and virtually indestructible game cartridges on this gaming system to play them. The RetroN3 comes with two wireless controllers and is compatible for playing with the original Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo games. The RetroN3 Video Gaming Console is available at Hyperkin for US$70.

Image Source: Hyperkin

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