Retro Mini Handheld Gaming Device

Retro Mini

Video game geeks like to reminisce the good ol’ times when NES cartridges could not even fit into your pocket and they need to blow the bottom part to get them working.  If you miss playing the video games from the days of yore, but do not have enough money to spend it on emulators, then the Retro Mini is right for you.

This portable gaming system is like having a PSP with a large, 8-bit NES cartridge plugged in.  The Retro Mini has a 2.4-inch high-resolution LCD and operates on four AA batteries for up to 8 hours of game time.  You can even connect AV out cables on your Retro Mini to your flat screen TV for a higher resolution view.

The Retro Mini does not come with any in-built games.  You can get those NES cartridges at your dusty attics and cupboards, at well as on various online stores like e-Bay.  You also need to make sure the cartridges are clean before the plugging it in.

One major complaint about the Retro Mini is that the keypads have an inconvenient layout.  The reset button, for example, lies near the B button; while the eject button is simply near both the control buttons.  Expect of lot of frustrations from some people as the video game resets while in the heat of the game.

The Retro Mini gaming device is available for $49.99.

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