Retro M21 Flat Panel TV

Retro M21 Flat Panel TV

The Retro trend seems to be going strong nowadays. There are a lot of people favoring the look of the past over newer and more modern versions of things. They seem to relish the beauty of the past but would never want to leave behind the advances of modern technology behind. That is why products that both combine the past and the present seem to becoming more popular nowadays.

In the tradition of combining both past and present, designer Joe Wilkerson may have achieved just the very thing. Imagine having a flat panel television set fashioned out with that 50’s look? What you have would be the M21 Flat Panel TV in your hands. Nothing can get better than that.

The M21 Flat Panel TV may have modern technology inside, but it’s a whole new different thing on the outside. It looks all retro. The M21 looks like a TV set that you might have gotten during the 1950’s. No sleek lines and modern finishes to look for. It is a TV set with a 42" plasma screen designed after TV sets from the 1950’s. A pretty interesting fusion of past and present. Better TV viewing with the 50’s influences in terms of design. A unique design fixture around the home. For all you know, in case robbers find their way into your home, they might leave it out thinking that it’s just another old and outdated TV set.

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