Retro Digital Flip Clock

Retro Digital Flip ClockSome people like gadgets with that classic, retro feel. It takes them down memory lane, a time when life was so much simpler. In this age of modern technology, everything is fast-paced. Products have shorter life spans, that is, until new ones take its place. Most of the new devices do not seem to get that endearing effect anymore. However, it may take decades before we can surely know how people will think in hindsight about the gadgets of today. For now, we can still appreciate past technology on some of today’s devices with the likes of the Retro Digital Flip Clock.

The Retro Digital Flip Clock is a combination of new and old technology. On the outside, this piece of retro hardware takes an old-school method of showing time. You see the digits flip right before your eyes as time passes by. This brings you to a time where such tech was once mesmerizing. It still is, but this time you look into it while reminiscing the past.

While it looks old school on the outside, the inside is entirely different. This clock is fully digital. It only mimics the way flip clocks of the past work. That is why it gives you the best of both the past and the present in one device. This alarm clock comes with an illuminated display at a push of a button. The Retro Digital Flip Clock is available at the Generate site for US$49.

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