Retractable Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headset users usually wear their device all the time. Although it might look cool to some, it can be quite uncomfortable over time. People can easily suffer from ear fatigue having these Bluetooth ear attachments connected to their ears all of the time. This new Retractable Bluetooth Headset will help provide a simple solution to this problem.

If you experience ear fatigue from using your Bluetooth Headset often during the day, you might want to consider this Retractable Bluetooth Headset for a change. This unique headset unit clips into your clothing or hand around your neck like a necklace. It features a quick-action retractable earbud that you can extend and place in your ear only when making or taking a call from your mobile phone. It also comes with a built-in mic to allow you to talk hands-free.

The Retractable Bluetooth Headset also features easy to reach controls to adjust volume, to answer calls as well as redial or when using voice redial. Its Bluetooth connectivity is good within a 30 feet range. It can provide up to 7 hours of talk time and up to 10 days on standby mode. Charging the device full takes around 2 hours. The Retractable Bluetooth Headset is available at Solutions for US$46.

Image Source: Solutions

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