Resonance Speaker For iPhone and iPod

Most portable speaker systems for your iPhone and iPod works almost the same way. And in some ways they might also provide the same audio experience, give or take a few quality points here and there. But if you wish for a more unique sound experience when using your iPhone or iPod, you might consider using this resonance speaker from Chinavasion.

This unique iPhone/iPod resonance speaker produces sound by sending sound signals and vibrations towards any object in its surroundings. The sound that you hear will be coming from the objects themselves resonating the sound vibrations that this speaker sends its way. And with the different surfaces creating the sounds provides a unique and different audio experience altogether. The Resonance Speaker supports an iPod Nano as well as an iPhone 3Gs in its docking base. It is also equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack to accommodate any other mp3 player and similar devices. The Resonance Speaker is available at Chinavasion for US$41.

Image Source: Chinavasion

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