Resistance 2 Release on November 4, 2008

Resistance 2

Resistance 2 is the much awaited sequel to the popular video game Resistance: Fall of Man. And Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that the wait should no longer be more than a couple of months. The popular title made exclusively for Playstation 3 by Insomaniac Games will have its release set on November 4 of 2008.

The sequel continues the story of Lt. Nathan Hale as he faces the aftermath of the Chimeran Invasion and with the virus threatening his own body into becoming the same monster that he is fighting against. The release is scheduled just three days before the release of Microsoft’s Gears of War 2 for the competing Xbox 360.

Along with the release, Sony also includes offering a Collector’s Edition pack to be made available for US consumers. A beta version of its online multiplayer and coop feature is also schedule for availability in October. The spots are to be on a first come first served basis along with preferential spots for pre-order customers.

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