Research Reports that Keyless Car Sentries Can be Hacked

Speaking of security, a recent report reveals that even a car’s security features can be compromised if left unchecked, even if the cars do not require keys to get into them.

Professor Srdjan Capkun of ETH Zurich attempted to bypass the security measures of the keyless entry systems of a total of 10 car models from eight car manufacturers. The results were very conclusive, as each of the tested vehicles was broken into and driven away using a simple method.

Keyless entry systems usually work by sending a low-powered signal from the car to the key fob and it only works whenever they are near each other. The research team, however, were able to intercept and extend that signal using antennas that act as repeaters, thus activating the car even when they are nowhere near it. The signal-repeated antennae, however, have to be close enough to both the key and car.

Source: Engadget

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