Research In Motion Prepares for Super Bowl Ad

When it comes to reaching out to the audience, nothing else is as massive and extensive as putting up an advertisement during the Super Bowl. Research In Motion knows this all too well, so they are banking on a big-budgeted Super Bowl spot on February 3rd to promote its BlackBerry 10 software, along with its muchanticipated smartphones that run in it.

It costs $4 million to secure a 30-second spot on this year’s Super Bowl, not to mention the budget needed to produce the commercial.

While RIM officially announced the news through emailed press releases, the company stopped short of releasing any teaser footage or photos of what we could expect from the commercial. The company explains that this announcement is meant as a “heads up” of sorts to 30 million “crackberry” addicts that has been following them through social media.

RIM’s Super Bowl commercial could make or break the company, along with the reputation of BlackBerry. If the ad fails to thrill the estimated 180 million viewers, a massive backlash may ensue.

Source: CNET

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