Republic Wireless Opens $19 Unlimited Plan for Everyone

In these days when you look for ways to save a lot of bucks, you might want to ditch your expensive mobile service and give Republic Wireless a try. We have heard about this wireless carrier last year, announcing that subscribers can enjoy free international calls courtesy of its own country code.

This time, Republic announces that it is accepting pre-orders for the Motorola DEFY XT (pictured) starting today. You can order up to four units, with shipping expected to begin in mid-December.

But the best reason to subscribe to Republic is its mobile plan, wherein you can experience unlimited talk, text, and data, for an astonishingly low flat rate of $19 per month. Now out of beta, the service is available for everyone and you are free to sign up whenever you want and everywhere in the US.

Unlike other wireless carriers, Republic enables you to make calls, send text messages, and browse the Internet by connecting to WiFi hotspots instead of the traditional cellular towers.

There is some amount of setback, though. The Motorola DEFY XT costs $249, as well as an extra $10 service fee, which includes shipping and handling. The first monthly fee will be charged once your smartphone is shipped. By that time, you would have paid $278 and that’s just for one phone.

Once you get past the hefty initial payment, you will only be paying $19 monthly for unlimited talk, text, and data, just as long as your area has a WiFi hotspot.

Source: Republic Wireless, via Slashgear

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