Reppo II Boombox Backpack

reppo II Boombox

It is a backpack and a boombox. It is the Reppo II Boombox Backpack. The unusual bag has built-in speakers, amplifiers, and a connection for mp3 players. Its use and function is pretty much straightforward. Just plug in the player and blast your ears away.

Although it appears to be groundbreaking, there are already similar concepts out in the market mostly made for the skateboarders demographic. What differs with Reppo II is that it is an urban hardshell backpack. The speakers are the typical ones so all of that extra weight might factor in vis-a-vis its seeming decibel power.

Reception online has been somewhat not agreeable but the backpack has been garnering attention for its novelty. Designer Joonas Saaranen has no plans of mass producing it yet although the prototype is being currently tested.

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