Remotely Lock And Unlock The Wyze Lock From Anywhere

A smart home features a number of different smart devices that allow homeowners to conveniently control them within and even outside the home. People now have the means to do this. A lot of smart devices are now available to make any existing home smarter. The new Wyze Lock is an example of such a device.

The Wyze Lock is a wireless smart lock unlike your typical door securing lock. Connecting via a Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth, this smart lock has the ability to unlock and lock automatically whenever you come by the door and away from it. There is no need to fish out your keys when you need to come inside your home or to secure it. It may be a simple feature but it surely helps prevent the stress of thinking whether you’ve locked the door when you went out. The auto-lock feature of the Wyze Lock makes sure that it is locked and secured.

The Wyze Lock works together with the Wyze App and the Wyze Lock Gateway to enable its wireless features via Bluetooth. With the app downloaded into your smartphone, you can now control the Wyze Lock even when you are away. You can even make use of Alexa or Google Assistant to lock or unlock the door fitted with the Wyze Lock. The lock itself comes with sensors built-in that detect whether the door is in the close or in the open position and lets you know via the app.

The Wyze Lock is easy to install. It is compatible with most single cylinder deadbolts that you may be currently using on your door. The smart lock gets its power from 4 AA batteries. It is enough to provide power for an average of 5 to 6 months. The Wyze Lock can be used additionally with your existing door lock and key to provide more security to your home. It is now available at the Wyze Lock website for early access at a price of around $90.

Image Source: Wyze Lock

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