reMarkable Paper Tablet

Writing by hand seems to be a lost art nowadays. More and more people are getting accustomed typing into keyboards rather than using a pen on paper. But there are still a number of people who prefer the nostalgic feel of writing by hand on paper. But the usual problems is that the content may not easily be shared since it is not digitized. But there is now a high tech solution to this with the new reMarkable Paper Tablet. 

The reMarkable Paper Tablet is the modern answer to writing on paper. It features a special screen surface and pen that closely imitates the experience of writing on actual paper. It makes use of both E-ink  technology for its display and Wacom tech for the pen that comes with the device. And because it is a paper tablet, it offers more options than actual physical paper. It acts as a reader as well as a notebook for writing notes. It can also be used as a sketchpad for those who like to draw. 

The main advantage of the reMarkable Paper Tablet is that it can automatically digitize written content without having to diminish the actual experience of writing on paper. It can also convert handwriting into typed text, making them easier to share online. The slim and light device makes it easy to carry around anywhere. Its simple menu interface is easy to understand and yet offer features for editing written or even drawn content. It also comes with a battery that is said to last a week, depending on use. It also charges fast so it won’t be that much of a problem in terms of waiting time when the battery is drained. The reMarkable Paper Tablet is available at their website for around $499. 

Image Source: reMarkable 

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