Relio, A Unique USB Light

RelioWhenever you talk of light, you simply just mean something that stimulate your sight and makes thing visible. But how much do we really know about light? Not that much mind you. But what many people do need is light that they can use and use often. There are instances where a light source may be needed and it may not always be available in the level that one needs it. Sometimes light can be too low or dark. It is then quite welcome to have light that you can always rely on when you need it. This is where Relio may be quite useful.

Relio is a unique type of mini USB light that provides lighting ideal for enhancing visible color. Small and powerful, the Relio features LED’s that offer an ultra-high color rendering index. It renders colors better than conventional household lighting. It can even compare to illumination systems used for professional photography. The bulbs are equipped with TIR lenses with honeycomb patterns to provide the smoothest light beams. The Relio is designed to provide high CRI lighting for both the home and for professional use. It is small enough to carry around and yet provide the lighting you need for better and brighter color detail.

The Relio does not come with built-in batteries but can be powered by any power source via micro-USB. You can use your PC, a USB power pack or anything with a standard USB port to power up the Relio. It is also built to last for a lifetime.
The Relio comes in an aluminum body and can be fitted with a camera mount and can be attached on standard sockets used for many lighting and illumination systems. The Relio is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. A pledge of 79 UK Pounds or around $123 will get you a Relio 3700 K light model. It is quite discounted for its actual retail price of 139 UK Pounds or $217 once it becomes available in the market. The first batch of this unique USB light is set for shipping sometime this November.
Image Source: Kickstarter

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