RedRay 4K Cinema Player

People are now becoming more and more aware of 4K devices, which is said to replace the current Full HD quality format with its higher resolution and better display qualities. But since it is still relatively new, 4K devices and players might still be expensive. But for those who want to be early adopters, this RedRay 4K Cinema Player would prove to be a good place to start.

The RedRay 4K Cinema Player may be considered the next generation of media players today. It is capable of playing Full HD, 3D and 4K media. It even introduces a new format in a .RED codec where a native 4K file is compressed to 2.5mb/s. it also comes with a 1TB HD for storage of those file heavy  file formats. It comes with a simple and yet striking design in black. The RedRay 4K Cinema Player is expected to come out in December. It is currently available for pre-order for US$1,450.

Image Source: RedRay

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