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One of the biggest frustrations among digital employees, from web designers to programmers, from content writers to social media moderators, is that they cannot just publish their works right away and seeking for an approval whether from clients or colleagues could take a while… a long while. shares some of the best tech tools for designers, content provider, and the like to make their work a tad easier. First on this series is the Red Pen online design feedback tool, which lets web designers upload their design and receive super-fast commentary.

The journey on Red Pen starts with uploading a draft web page design in PNG format. Once your draft is uploaded, you can click anywhere on your design to add a note. In return, you receive a short unique URL that you can share with your colleagues via email. Your colleagues could easily provide feedback on your design as they place notes and annotations on the image file.

Red Pen remembers you, so there is no need to log in or even register. Whenever you revisit the site, it remembers your past uploads, as well as its links. Plus, you still retain ownership of your uploads. The guys at Red Pen also promise that your data will not be sold or shared, as well as not sending you spam. As they say, “because we not douchebags.”

Have you tried Red Pen? How effective is it in providing feedbak to your web design work? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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