Recon Scout Throwbot

Not all robots are being made to look like humans, after all. But its funny how it is those humanoid robots that usually get the attention. There are robots developed that don’t seem to capture the imagination of people, even though they might be more useful in a number of situations. Just consider this new Recon Scout Throwbot, a far from the usual design for what others may call a robot, but a useful robot nonetheless.

The Recon Scout Throwbot is concept for a one-pound micro robot developed by ReconRobotics. It is a reconnaissance robot designed with magnetized wheels to enable it to scale metal walls such as the hulls of ships. This robot will be of valuable use for anti-piracy measures for the military. It can survive throws for up to 120 feet and will feature an infrared optical system that will enable it to “see” even in the dark. The Recon Scout Throwbot is being planned for military use and may not be available for ordinary consumers. Owning one may only be possible in dreams for now.

Image Source: ReconRobotics

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