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Recipe DiceCooking food can be an adventure or a usual task for people, depending on who you are talking too. For people who do it on a daily basis, it can become a chore rather than an enjoyment. Put in back the fun into cooking by making it a fun game. This can be possible with the Recipe Dice.

The Recipe Dice is a set of dice that will make your next dinner a fun adventure. Why? Because you will not know what you will have until you flick the dice. The Recipe dice is a set of twelve dice made of solid wood. Instead of numbers, each dice comes with an image of ingredients. They feature over 60 seasonal vegetables, spices, juicy meats, grains as well as herbs. Just roll the dice and use the ingredients that come out to make your next meal.

Using the Recipe Dice is that simple and yet so fun and adventurous for people who have a lot of culinary knowledge. It helps them practice their proficiency with using different ingredients to whip up a meal. For others, it can be a way to test their creativity in the kitchen. If the next time you feel stumped on what to cook for your next meal, you can always have the Recipe Dice handy to help give you a hand thinking up a creative dish. Well, it may not make you a good cook if you not already one. But it can bring some fun into your kitchen in a unique way. The Recipe Dice set is available at Leafcutter Designs for $16.

Image Source: Leafcutter Designs


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