RealView 360° 3D Desktop Scanners

 realview 3d scanner

We’re so used to scanning images that it’s done on almost every office desktop. 3D printers are also gaining much attention and becoming more and more popular in the consumer and business markets. How about capturing 3D objects on a desktop scanner? Science fiction? It used to. With the RealView 360° 3D Desktop Scanner, people can now capture images of 3D objects in full 360° view.

The RealView scanner was derived from the 3D image capture technology used in medical cameras for non-evasive operations. Looking more of a sci-fi toy than a scanner, it does a really cool trick. Just put the object on the rotating platform and the two cameras in the turret-like device will scan in all the surface data of the object. You can import the resulting 3D image into any application. It makes models that scan in a standard resolution, HD, and commercial HD.

The RealView 360° 3D Desktop Scanner has enormous commercial benefits. For one you can export the 3D scan into any online auction, online catalog, or web based document. If you’re selling toys on eBay, it could replace a whole mess of your Batman action figure photos. Online buyers will see all the lumps, contours, and bumps of the stuff you’re selling. No information about the price and availability yet.

Image Source: Real View


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