Re Turns Your iPhone into a Universal Remote

Re Remote Control Accessory for iPhone

Over two years since it was first introduced, the iPhone has become your multi-tool of sorts from portable music player, Internet device, GPS system, ebook reader, credit card swiper, stalker tool, and even as a military surveillance display.  And these innovations never seem to rest as New Kinetix introduces the Re Remote Control Accessory, which transforms your beloved iPhone into a universal remote control.

The accessory attaches to the base of the iPhone and in an instant the display features an assortment of RC buttons and an extensive built-in IR Code database.  The Re can even learn IR codes from existing remotes, thereby adapting to different devices with ease.  You can also customize button images according to your liking.  The Re does not require Wi-Fi connection to operate.

The problem, however, is what would happen if while you are flipping through channels you suddenly receive a call from your boss?  Would you have to take off the attachment before answering the call?  Would you even receive calls while on remote mode?  We guess all those will be answered as New Kinetix holds a press conference at the upcoming CES 2010.

Image source:  New Kinetix

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