Re-Timer LED Glasses “Prevents” Jetlag

Jetlag and disrupted sleep patterns are a bane among frequent travelers. There have been claims that being exposed to certain flashing lights can remedy them, but there are not a lot of consumer products that can prove that… until now.

Introducing the Re-Timer, a wearable visor that promises to prevent jetlag by mimicking sunlight and resetting the body’s bio clock. The device is reportedly the result of 25 years of sleep research at Flinders University in Australia.

Re-Timer is worn like a pair of glasses and emits soft green light from LEDs, which supposedly trick the part of your brain that regulates your body’s circadian rhythms. You can advance or delay your body clock by using it at different times of the day for specified durations. It supposedly counters the ill effects of jetlag and improves alertness levels.

Chief inventor Professor Leon Lack claims the Re-Timer is more effective than medication, but at $260 a pop, it seems cheaper to simply prepare your body for the time zone changes (like sleeping in the airplane if you are scheduled to arrive at your destination at night).

Source: Gizmag, via Engadget

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