R/C Wi-Spy Helicopter

Kids still like playing with remote control toys because it gives them a way to control moving toys from a distance. Whether it is fast, flying or floating, they all seem fun to play with as long as one can control them from a distance and without wires. But equip them with a camera and it is a different toy altogether. It is a toy that even adults would like to play with, such as this R/C Wi-Spy Helicopter.

The R/C Wi-Spy Helicopter is not just any remote controlled helicopter that flies. There are many of those now available and with people playing them nowadays. What makes this R/C Wi-Spy Helicopter a bit on the special side is that it comes with a built-in camera to capture videos in real time as it flies. Another feature is that it makes use of your iPhone or Android phone as its remote control. A downloadable app is available to make your iPhone or Android smartphone as this helicopter’s remote control.

The R/C Wi-Spy Helicopter is certainly a toy designed with adults in mind because of its built-in video camera. If you want to take a view of your home or that of your neighbor’s from a perspective way high up, then you can use this RC helicopter to do that for you. It transmits the live video feed into your smartphone or tablet. You can also also have the helicopter send in still images to your phone instantly for immediate sharing. But with such toys, there is still a responsibility to use it properly. That is why it is designed for kids 14 years old and up. The R/C Wi-Spy Helicopter is available at ThinkGeek for US$170.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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