RC Heated Insoles

RC Heated InsolesWith the recent cold front transforming many parts of the US into a winter wonderland, getting warm has become quite an issue. With temperatures plunging to record lows for this month in many states, people need to prepare and have different options to keep warm. Keeping your feet warm is just as important since cold can creep up from the bottom up. You can ensure that you have warm feet by using these RC Heated Insoles.

The RC Heated Insoles provide a comfortable and convenient way to keep your feet warm. Unlike disposable heat packs that can only provide warmth for a limited time before you throw it away, the RC Heated Insoles are rechargeable, thanks to the embedded ultra-thin lithium ion batteries that provides the warmth for up to 5 hours. These insoles are molded and cushioned for comfort. Their heating elements do not impede your movement.

The RC Heated Insoles is controlled using a wireless remote. You can choose to turn it off conveniently when you do not need to use it and turn it on to a desired heating mode when your feet feel cold. This way you can conserve the warmth it provides be only using it when you need it the most. The RC Heated Insoles also come with an AC charger that can recharge the batteries to full capacity in four hours. The RC Heated Insoles are available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $130.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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