Razer’s Hydra Motion Controller for PC Games

Who says PC games cannot have the fun of motion gaming? Razer has announced that its Hydra motion controller will be available beginning June 2011.

Introduced back in CES 2010, the Hydra uses magnetic detection instead of optical method, making game controls more natural and responsive than a Wiimote controller.

The dual controllers almost look like the Wii nunchuks, featuring an analog stick and four buttons on each apparatus. It also includes a base station that computes the exact location and orientation of the player’s hands down to a millimeter and degree.

Pre-orders will come in May, which includes a special Portal 2 bundle. Razer has worked with a number of big-name game developers, which is no wonder why the Hydra is compatible to up to 125 PC games.

The Portal 2 Bundle consists of the complete Hydra set, a Portal 2 game, and some special DLC levels, totaling around US$140. No word on how much is the unbundled version.

Source: Razer, via CrunchGear

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