Razer to Honor Fake 90% Discount Coupon

Razer, maker of electronic accessories and gaming systems, has announced that it will honor the fake 90% discount coupon that many customers used when purchasing on the company’s UK store.

In his Facebook page, Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan explained that while the coupon code was neither authorized nor approved by the company, they will honor the orders for customers making singular purchases of Razer products.

“While we have the option of cancelling the orders legally, we’ve always had a customer comes first policy at Razer and in respect of this incident, we have decided to honor the orders that were placed using the unauthorized code by Razer fans buying single products for their own use,” Tan wrote.

The fake coupon code appeared on Razer’s online shop, which Tan said was “generated by a third party to test our shopping cart.” This authorized discount could cost Razer a lot of money.

Due to the sheer volume of order, Razer says that it will take a few weeks (or even a few months) to process each order. The offer is not available for multiple purchases of a single product, Tan said, in an effort to prevent resellers from profiting from the fake coupon.

A similar incident happened with Best Buy recently, when it offered customers as 50% discount coupon but forgetting to exclude $100 Amazon gift cards from the promo. While the offer was quickly withdraw, a number of customers managed to snag the discounted gift cards.

Source: Min-Liang Tan, via Mashable

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