Razer Switchblade Gaming Device Concept

Razer has been known to create some of the more popular peripherals used for PC gaming. It has recently taken a step to develop what may be the future in PC gaming. Razer has presented an exciting concept that may just capture the interest of die hard PC gamers by coming up with its Razer Switchblade.

The Razer Switchblade still remains a concept product, but what a concept it is. The Razer Switchblade is a PC gaming console that looks like a netbook, but slightly smaller. What makes it different is that it is primarily designed for PC gaming. It features a multi-touch display screen and a unique tactile adaptive keyboard that has keys that may have changeable features according to what it is being used for. The keys can automatically change into shortcut command keys depending on what type of PC game you are currently playing.

This portable device from Razer does capture the imagination, especially those who are PC gaming enthusiasts. It may provide even a challenge to the other established portable gaming devices of today. The Razer Switchblade remains a concept for now. Who knows when it might be available for die hard PC gamers and for how much? Might be this year, might be the next.

Image Source: Razerzone

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