Razer Orca Gaming Headphones

Even avid gamers aim to look cool. This is the reason why good performing headphones just don’t cut it anymore. Gaming headphones also need to be comfortable as well as look cool nowadays. And the new Razor Orca gaming headphones can provide both just as well.

The Razor Orca is a gaming headphone that is designed not only to capture good audio quality but also the eyes of the stylish gamer. Its stylish bright color makes it quite appealing along with a comfortably cool design to go with it. Its lightweight cushioned over-ear design offers quite a comfortable fit. Its audio features allow the Razor Orca to provide sounds in crystal clear clarity whether you use it for gaming or for listening to music. It also comes with a durable braided extension cable to make it easier for you to go from gaming to music listening at any time. The Razer Orca is currently available for pre-order at Razer and would be in the market in the middle of August. This attractive gaming headphones will cost you around US$60.

Image Source: Razer

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