Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse


 Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse

On the outside, The Razer Mamba looks like a really superb piece of plaything. With its teflon base and a dual wired/wireless technology, this mouse is an exotic piece of gadget that any gamer would want to have. Added to its physical features are its detachable, braided cord, an ultra-large, non-slip buttons plus an ergonomic design to boot Unfortunately, that’s only as far as physical appearances go.

When used, you’ll realize that this gamers’ dream is not that nice, after all.

Upon trying the Razer Mamba, we realized that its battery life can indeed last up to 14 hours of continued use. However, the discomfort in using it will piss you of every so often that you won’t enjoy gaming as much as you thought you would.

With a price of $129, we guess you’ll really be thinking twice before purchasing this thing.

Image Source:Razerblueprints.net

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